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Feature ideas

Hi, great job so far with BBoostr, and thanks for the prompt and helpful support that you had provided until now. I've got a few feature ideas which i'll list below.

1. Allow user to manually select (by typing the value) the number of posts to fetch from a particular blog when mass reblogging (rather than scrolling or clicking the button to load 50 more)

2. Allow the creation of niche groups. This way, one could add all blogs that are about the same niche to a group, and then when bulk reblogging only need to select the group, and the reblogs would be added to every queue, rather than having to manually select every blog for every blog that you wish to reblog from. - For example - If i had 5 menswear blogs, i could reblog to all of them by selecting "Menswear" in the bulk reblog page, instead of manually selecting every blog

3. This may be implemented, Havent noticed yet because all my queues are quite long - A check and warning that notifies the user if any blogs queue is getting low. be it based on the queue length and current schedule (Warning "...." queue will expire in 5 days) or simply number of reblogs remaining in the queue (Warning "..." has less than 100 reblogs left in the queue) ... (warning "..." queue is empty)

4. Probably not doable, but worth an ask - Allow the posting of original content to BBoostr, and have it posted to tumblr via BBoostrs queue. This would allow blogs to be setup for a lot longer than just 300 posts that the tumblrs built in queue provides. Or, some way of keeping track of when the blogs "tumblr queue" has emptied, notifying the user to upload another 300 posts using the existing feature?

5. Advanced bulk edit features - Allow more than one message per blog on the bulk edit post screen to be posted at user specified intervals (every 10th post for example, or slightly randomised)

Thanks for reading. If anything isnt clear, i can certainly try to clarify


  • 6. In the Bulk Reblog screen, Allow the user to select more than one content type at once (using checkboxes) that way one could view both photo and video posts at the same time, but not other types of content
  • edited July 2017

    First of all, thanks so much for taking your time to list and explain all the features in detail. I really do appreciate that.

    I have gone through your list and i must agree, these are some great suggestions. some of these ideas have crossed my mind earlier but due to budget and server limits, i had to skip some of them and go along with the ones that were most important at the time we got this site started.

    With a few days, I'll create a post on this forums and list all the suggested features, and in no particular order, i will do my best to implement most of them or if possible, all of em'
    I'll keep you updated. maybe ill create poll every month and those features that gets the most votes, ill implement them first.

    For now there are a few other important things that i need to take care of, including (but not limited to) optimizing database to handle large amount of queues, optimizing database queries to handle large amount of concurrent activity in order to make sure everything runs smooth for a long period of time. once this is sorted out, ill get started with the new features. i hope thats fair.

    P.S. I am glad you are enjoying bboostr so far, i hope you stay with us for a long time.

    Kind Regards,
    BBoostr Support
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