Precaution is better than cure, better read the rules before you go ahead and do something that you really shouldn't.

  • 01. No Spamming

    We Strongly urge you to not use Tumboss for Spamming Purpose, All our Features and Tools are intended for Personal Blog Promotion Purpose only and not for creating automated spam blogs. If you we come to know you are using are service for anything that is against tumblr rules, the you might loose your tumblr account.

  • 02. No Illegal Content

    please Do no Not Post any Illegal Content to Tumblr via Tumboss, You will almost instantly be banned from using tumboss if you share any illegal content.

  • 03. No Bots Please

    Please do not use bots with tumboss! we don't have any limits on activities you perform on tumboss but please don't abuse our resources by automating any activities / services using bots. If you follow / unfollow users too aggressively you will only end up getting your tumboss and tumblr account blocked or terminated.

  • To Enjoying Your Stay at Tumboss for a Long Period of Time, Please Be Fair With Us and We'll be Fair with You :)